Revolutionising Customer Experience in Ecommerce

Overview of the Application

The application under discussion serves as a comprehensive store platform tailored for a leading e-commerce giant. Striving for an unparalleled customer experience, this platform incorporates features such as appointment booking and in-store product trials. Key aspects highlighted include:

  • Appointment Booking: Customers can schedule appointments through the website, assigning a guide for personalized assistance. Guide Role: Guides utilize the Square app to connect with customers, guide them based on preferences, and facilitate product selections.
  • Appointment Process: Streamlining customer-guide interactions enhances the overall shopping experience.
  • Payment Process: Payment occurs upon a guide confirming a sale through the Square app, with integration challenges noted, specially in the invoicing process.

Initial Struggles

The client, a prominent e-commerce player, approached iResponsive Solutions with a distinct pain point – the need for an enhanced customer experience. Challenges identified during the meeting encompassed various aspects:

  • Enhancement – Jenkins Pipeline Issues: Initial hurdles in automating code builds from GitHub and integrating the application.
  • Enhancement – Checkout and Payment Issues: Challenges with payment capture during the checkout process, impacting the invoicing process.
  • Enhancement – Backend Adjustments: Modifications in the backend, introducing appointment slots, and addressing private sales tax eligibility.

Build Issues and Solutions

The development team encountered hurdles in building and deploying the application, leading to strategic solutions:

  • Build Process: Challenges in the build process affecting the publishing of the iPhone app to Firebase.
  • Dependency Management: Challenges with changes in the dependency project, necessitating careful monitoring.
  • Jenkins Pipeline and Xcode Version: Issues with the Jenkins pipeline compounded by complications from using an outdated Xcode version.

A. Challenges Encountered: Firebase Link Expiry: Links expiring on Firebase hindered new employee installations and QA testing.

  • Dependency Issues: Existing apps had dependencies, requiring constant checks when changes were made.
  • QA Testing Blockage: QA testing hindered due to expired links in Firebase for the QA version. B. Resolution:
  • Firebase Link Management: A new strategy for managing links on Firebase implemented to ensure accessibility for new employees and QA testing.
  • Dependency Management: A plan devised to address changes effectively, ensuring a smoother development process.

Application Replication and Current Status

To overcome challenges, the team replicated the application into three separate platforms, undergoing user-based testing with QA. Build issues were resolved through solutions tailored for older Xcode versions. The status indicates that the applications are in the production phase, demonstrating significant progress.

  • Resolution: GitHub Upgrade: An upgrade to GitHub undertaken to address compatibility issues with newer Xcode versions.
  • Device Reallocation: The team resolved the issue of the device being repurposed, allowing for a streamlined build process.


The collaboration between iResponsive Solutions and our client yielded substantial benefits for both customers and the retailer. The implementation of the comprehensive store platform resulted in an elevated customer experience through innovative features like appointment booking and in-store product trials. The appointment booking system, facilitated by personalized guides, streamlined customer interactions, ultimately enhancing the overall shopping experience.


The resolution of code deployment, checkout, payment issues, and backend adjustments significantly improved the efficiency of the application. The strategic solutions devised by iResponsive Solutions, including the implementation of a new Firebase link management strategy and an effective plan for dependency management, showcased a commitment to overcoming obstacles and ensuring a smoother development process.


The replication of the application into three separate platforms and subsequent user-based testing demonstrated a proactive approach to quality assurance. Resolving build issues tailored for older Xcode versions showcased the team’s adaptability and dedication to delivering a robust product. The upgraded GitHub and streamlined device reallocation further contributed to the overall success of the project.


For customers, the enhanced platform translates to a seamless and personalized shopping experience, with features like appointment scheduling and guided assistance. On the retailer’s side, the resolution of payment issues, introduction of appointment slots, and adherence to private sales tax requirements contribute to operational efficiency and compliance.


In summary, the collaboration with our client not only addressed the initial pain points but has also added critical functionalities that positively impact the end-user experience and contribute to the retailer’s overall success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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