Transforming Production Support for SSENSE


iResponsive Solutions, founded in 2013 in Atlanta, GA, has established itself as a leader in providing comprehensive supply chain solutions, including WMS, OMS, PIM, integration, custom development, production support, and staffing augmentation. With over 80 team members globally, our expertise spans various facets of supply chain design and implementation, ensuring our clients achieve their strategic visions. This white paper details the successful partnership between iResponsive Solutions and SSENSE, showcasing how our production support services significantly enhanced SSENSE’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Problem: SSENSE’s Operational Challenges

SSENSE, a leading e-commerce platform, encountered several critical operational challenges that significantly impacted their efficiency and customer satisfaction. These challenges included excessive downtime, persistent system bugs, ineffective processing of customer returns, and inadequate handling of expedited shipping requests

Excessive Downtime 

One of the most pressing issues for SSENSE was the excessive downtime experienced by their systems. On average, SSENSE’s operations were disrupted for over 3 hours each day. This downtime affected multiple facets of their business:

  • SalesLoss: Every hour of downtime translated to lost sales opportunities as customers were unable to complete
  • Customer Frustration: Frequent disruptions in service led to customer dissatisfaction and frustration, damaging SSENSE’s reputation and customer loyalty.
  • OperationalDelays: Internal processes were hindered, leading to delays in order processing, inventory updates, and overall workflow


System Bugs 

System bugs were another major pain point for SSENSE. These bugs manifested in various forms, disrupting the normal functionality of their platform:

  • OrderProcessing Errors: Bugs caused errors in order processing, leading to incorrect or failed order
  • DataInconsistencies: Inconsistent data across different modules of the system led to confusion and operational
  • SystemCrashes: Certain bugs caused the system to crash, further contributing to downtime and operational


Customer Returns Processing 

The processing of customer returns was not functioning correctly, causing significant issues for SSENSE:

  • Delaysin Refunds: Customers experienced delays in receiving refunds for their returned items, leading to dissatisfaction and negative
  • Inventory Management Issues: Inefficient returns processing affected inventory accuracy, complicating stock management and reordering
  • Increased Support Requests: The issues with returns led to an increase in support requests, as customers sought assistance with their


Expedited Shipping Requests 

Expedited shipping requests were not being handled with the priority they required, which had several repercussions:

  • Missed Delivery Deadlines: High-priority orders were not shipped using expedited methods, leading to missed delivery deadlines and customer
  • Customer Complaints: The failure to meet expedited shipping commitments resulted in a surge of customer complaints and a decline in customer
  • Operational Inefficiency: The lack of a streamlined process for handling expedited shipping requests led to operational inefficiencies and increased workload for the support


Summary of Operational Challenges 

To summarize, SSENSE faced the following key operational challenges:

  1. Excessive Downtime: Over 3 hours of downtime per day disrupted operations, leading to lost sales and customer
  2. System Bugs: Persistent bugs caused order processing errors, data inconsistencies, and system crashes.
  3. Customer Returns Processing: Inefficient returns processing led to delays in refunds, inventory management issues, and increased support
  4. Expedited Shipping Requests: Failure to prioritize expedited shipping requests resulted in missed delivery deadlines, customer complaints, and operational

Addressing these challenges was crucial for SSENSE to maintain operational stability, enhance customer satisfaction, and support business growth. This is where iResponsive Solutions stepped in with their comprehensive production support strategy, transforming SSENSE’s operations and resolving these critical issues effectively.

System bugs were another major pain point for SSENSE. These bugs manifested in various forms, disrupting the normal functionality of their platform:

  • Order Processing Errors: Bugs caused errors in order processing, leading to incorrect or failed order placements.
  • Data Inconsistencies: Inconsistent data across different modules of the system led to confusion and operational inefficiencies.
  • System Crashes: Certain bugs caused the system to crash, further contributing to downtime and operational instability.

The Solution:

iResponsive’s Comprehensive Support Strategy:

To address SSENSE’s operational challenges, iResponsive Solutions implemented a multi-faceted support strategy. This strategy involved proactive system monitoring, efficient bug resolution, and a robust support structure, all aimed at minimizing downtime, resolving issues swiftly, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the solution:

Active System Monitoring and Proactive Management

24/7 System Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Monitoring Tools: iResponsive Solutions designed and developed customized monitoring tools tailored to SSENSE’s specific needs. These tools provided real-time insights into server performance, order management, and other critical system components.
  • Continuous Oversight: With around-the-clock monitoring, our team ensured that all aspects of SSENSE’s operations were under constant surveillance. This enabled us to detect anomalies or potential issues before they could escalate into significant problems.
    Proactive Incident Correction
  • Early Issue Detection: By leveraging advanced monitoring tools, iResponsive Solutions could identify potential issues early on. This proactive approach allowed us to address problems before they impacted SSENSE’s operations.
  • Swift Resolution: Our team was equipped to handle incidents promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to SSENSE’s services. This proactive incident correction was crucial in reducing downtime and maintaining operational stability.

Development and Bug Resolution

Custom Monitoring Tools
  • Tailored Solutions: Recognizing the unique needs of SSENSE, iResponsive Solutions developed bespoke monitoring tools. These tools were designed to integrate seamlessly with SSENSE’s existing systems, providing enhanced visibility and control.
    Bug Fixes
  • Dedicated Development Team: Led by Arun, o Our dedicated development group focused on identifying and resolving system bugs efficiently. This team was responsible for thorough testing, diagnosis, and implementation of bug fixes.
  • System Stability: By addressing and resolving bugs promptly, we significantly improved the stability and reliability of SSENSE’s systems. This not only reduced downtime but also enhanced the overall user experience.

Enhanced Support Structure

Tiered Support
  • Tier 1 Support (Front Line): Our Tier 1 support team handled initial customer queries and basic troubleshooting. This first line of defense was crucial in resolving common issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Tier 2 Support (Runbook Activity): For more complex issues, our Tier 2 support team took over. This included runbook activities, which involved detailed procedural guides for handling specific incidents. Tier 2 support ensured that more intricate problems were resolved with expert precision.

Onsite and Offshore Teams

  • Global Support Coverage: iResponsive Solutions deployed a team of 10 production support staff, strategically located both onsite and offshore. This global presence allowed us to provide continuous support across different time zones.
  • Multiple Shifts: By operating in multiple shifts, our support team ensured uninterrupted service and support for SSENSE. This continuous coverage was essential in maintaining high levels of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Summary of iResponsive’s Support Strategy

To summarize, iResponsive Solutions implemented the following key components in their support strategy for SSENSE:

  • Active System Monitoring: Implemented customized monitoring tools for real-time oversight of servers and orders, ensuring early detection of potential issues.
  • Proactive Incident Correction: Identified and addressed problems before they could escalate, minimizing downtime and disruptions.
  • Development and Bug Resolution: Deployed a dedicated development team to resolve system bugs swiftly, enhancing system stability.
  • Enhanced Support Structure: Established a tiered support system with global coverage, providing continuous and efficient support through both onsite and offshore teams.

The Outcome

The comprehensive support strategy implemented by iResponsive Solutions led to significant improvements in SSENSE’s operations:

  • Reduced Downtime: Downtime was cut from an average of over 3 hours per day to just 20 minutes, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Faster bug resolutions and efficient support led to happier customers.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes and reduced support burden on SSENSE’s development team allowed them to focus on core development tasks.

iResponsive Solutions’ proactive and tailored approach successfully addressed SSENSE’s operational challenges, transforming their production support and enabling sustained business growth.The Benefits: Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction. The partnership between iResponsive Solutions and SSENSE brought about transformative improvements in SSENSE’s operations and customer satisfaction. Here’s a detailed explanation of the benefits realized from iResponsive’s comprehensive support strategy:

Significant Reduction in Downtime

Downtime Reduction from 3 Hours to 20 Minutes

  • Minimized Disruptions: Through proactive monitoring and swift incident resolution, iResponsive Solutions reduced SSENSE’s downtime from over 3 hours per day to just 20 minutes. This 90% reduction in downtime ensured that SSENSE’s platform was more reliable and available to customers, minimizing disruptions in service.
  • Increased Revenue Opportunities: Reduced downtime meant that SSENSE experienced fewer interruptions during peak shopping periods, resulting in increased sales opportunities and higher revenue.

Improved System Stability and Reliability

System Bug Resolutions

  • Enhanced Performance: By identifying and fixing system bugs promptly, iResponsive Solutions improved the overall performance and stability of SSENSE’s platform. This led to smoother operations and a better user experience.
  • Fewer Crashes: Resolving critical bugs reduced the frequency of system crashes, ensuring that SSENSE’s services remained consistently available to customers.

Faster Response to Support Requests

Efficient Support Structure

  • Rapid Issue Resolution: With a tiered support system and a dedicated team, iResponsive Solutions ensured that support requests were addressed swiftly and efficiently. This rapid response reduced the time customers spent waiting for issue resolution, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Expert Handling of Complex Issues: The tier 2 support team, equipped with detailed runbook activities, managed complex issues expertly, ensuring thorough and accurate solutions to more challenging problems.

Improved Customer Experience

Happier Customers from Bug Resolutions

  • Seamless Shopping Experience: By resolving system bugs and reducing downtime, SSENSE provided customers with a more seamless and reliable shopping experience. This led to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Efficient Returns Processing: Improvements in the handling of customer returns ensured that refunds were processed quickly and accurately, reducing customer frustration and enhancing trust.
    Correct Handling of Expedited Shipping Requests
  • Timely Deliveries: Ensuring that expedited shipping requests were prioritized correctly resulted in timely deliveries for high-priority orders. This not only met customer expectations but also boosted customer confidence in SSENSE’s service reliability.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: Meeting expedited shipping commitments led to positive customer feedback and higher levels of satisfaction, reinforcing SSENSE’s reputation for excellent service.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Freed Development Resources

  • Focus on Core Development: By taking over support activities, iResponsive Solutions allowed SSENSE’s internal development team to focus on core development projects. This shift enabled the team to innovate and enhance SSENSE’s platform without being bogged down by support tasks.
  • Increased Productivity: The reallocation of resources led to increased productivity and faster implementation of new features and improvements, driving continuous growth and development.

Global Support Coverage

  • Continuous Operations: With a support team operating across multiple shifts and locations, iResponsive Solutions ensured that SSENSE’s operations were supported 24/7. This continuous coverage was crucial in maintaining operational efficiency and addressing issues promptly regardless of the time of day.
  • Scalable Support: The global and tiered support structure provided scalability, allowing SSENSE to handle increasing support demands as their customer base grew.

Summary of Benefits

To summarize, the comprehensive support strategy implemented by iResponsive Solutions delivered the following key benefits to SSENSE:

  • Significant Reduction in Downtime: Downtime was reduced from over 3 hours per day to just 20 minutes, enhancing service reliability.
  • Improved System Stability: Prompt resolution of system bugs led to a more stable and reliable platform.
  • Faster Response to Support Requests: Efficient support structure ensured rapid and expert handling of customer issues.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Improved bug resolutions, efficient returns processing, and correct handling of expedited shipping requests resulted in happier customers.
  • Operational Efficiency: Freed development resources and global support coverage contributed to increased operational efficiency and scalability

iResponsive Solutions’ intervention not only resolved SSENSE’s immediate operational challenges but also positioned them for sustained growth and improved customer satisfaction. This partnership exemplifies the profound impact of tailored, proactive support on a company’s overall performance and customer relations.

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