Enhancing Order Management at SSENSE – using KIBO OMS

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How Integrating KIBO Elevates Order Management & Customer Experience

In the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, customer satisfaction heavily depends on efficient order management. Understanding   this   critical aspect,  SSENSE   has   fine-tuned its order management approach to meet the demands of contemporary businesses. This guide provides a straightforward overview   of   SSENSE’s integration with   KIBO, demonstrating the substantial value it offers to forward-thinking enterprises.


Legacy System Limitations : Legacy systems must be optimized to meet the growing demands of modern e-commerce, preventing performance bottlenecks, particularly during peak sales periods.

Operational Throughput : Enhance process efficiency to eliminate order processing delays and minimize the risk of customer dissatisfaction.

Scalability : Establish a robust system capacity capable of accommodating sudden volume surges, especially during peak holiday seasons or promotional periods.

Integration Hurdles : The difficulty lies in seamlessly integrating with third-party platforms and tools, making it a daunting task to incorporate new functionalities or optimize existing ones.

Customer Experience Inconsistencies & Lack of Flexibility : The current system introduces potential inconsistencies in order delivery, tracking, and communication, all of which significantly impact the overall customer experience. Furthermore, the system might lack the agility   required to swiftly incorporate custom features or address specific business needs.

Why KIBO ?

Selecting an Order Management System is a strategic decision. It goes beyond mere order processing; it’s about enhancing the overall customer experience. Here’s why SSENSE firmly believes in   KIBO’s suitability

Unified Solution 

KIBO isn’t just an order management system, it serves as both a front-end and back-end gateway. This dual-role functionality ensures a seamless approach to order management, streamlining processes and reducing potential points of failure.

Integration Friendly

A standout feature of KIBO is its seamless integration with other platforms. As SSENSE expands and incorporates additional tools or platforms, KIBO easily adapts, preventing operational disruptions.

Customer-Centric Approach 

While SSENSE prioritizes delivering a top-notch website experience for its customers, KIBO ensures efficient handling of backend processes, from order placement to delivery. This comprehensive customer focus guarantees satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Robust Features 

Beyond standard order processing, KIBO excels  in shipping tracking, refund handling, and payment fraud checks. These features are essential in today’s e-commerce landscape   where transparency, security, and efficiency            are paramount.


E-commerce businesses can experience rapid growth, particularly during peak seasons.    KIBO’s infrastructure is designed to manage volume surges, ensuring smooth business operations   even during the busiest periods.


The e-commerce landscape is continually evolving, and KIBO is committed to innovation. It regularly updates its features and capabilities to ensure businesses always have access to cutting-edge tools.

By choosing KIBO, SSENSE isn’t just adopting a tool; it’s investing in a partner that comprehends the intricacies of e-commerce and is equipped to tackle both current challenges   and those on the   horizon. For decision-makers, this offers an opportunity to align with a solution that’s both tried-and-true and forward- thinking.

Mechanisms of Integration

AWS Integration

This seamless integration is underpinned by the robust infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which enables real-time data exchanges with high efficiency and reliability. Leveraging a suite of advanced AWS services, this integration ensures smooth and uninterrupted operations, providing a scalable, secure, and highly available environment for data processing and communication. By utilizing cutting-edge AWS technologies, the system is able to handle large volumes of data with speed and precision, thereby enhancing overall performance and user experience.


SSENSE meticulously tailors its system to harmonize seamlessly with KIBO, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted user experience even when specific data elements are absent in the KIBO platform. By implementing adaptive integration strategies and sophisticated data handling protocols, SSENSE maintains the integrity and reliability of its services. This approach guarantees that users experience smooth and coherent interactions, regardless of any discrepancies or missing data within the KIBO system. Through continuous optimization and fine-tuning, SSENSE is committed to delivering a superior and dependable user experience.

Seamless Integration

KIBO’s comprehensive system adeptly manages a wide range of front-end operations, including order management, shipment tracking, and payment processing, all in perfect synchronization with SSENSE’s robust backend systems. This seamless integration ensures that every aspect of the customer journey, from initial purchase to final delivery, is handled with precision and efficiency. By coordinating these critical functions flawlessly, KIBO and SSENSE together provide a streamlined and cohesive operational framework, enhancing the overall user experience and operational efficiency. The synergy between KIBO’s front-end capabilities and SSENSE’s backend infrastructure is pivotal in delivering a superior, reliable, and consistent service to customers.

Microservice-Based Architecture 

SSENSE adopts a modern architectural approach that dissects the application into smaller, more efficient, and highly manageable components. Within this modular structure, COIL plays a pivotal role by seamlessly connecting with KIBO. This architectural strategy not only enhances the overall efficiency and scalability of the system but also facilitates easier maintenance and upgrades. By leveraging COIL as a crucial intermediary, SSENSE ensures smooth and reliable communication between its internal components and the KIBO platform. This integration allows for optimized data flow and synchronization, ultimately contributing to a more robust and flexible technological ecosystem capable of adapting to evolving business needs.

The Bottom Line for Businesses

Efficient Order Processing: Accelerated and streamlined order processing for quicker results. Precise Shipment Tracking: Enhanced tracking capabilities ensuring customers can monitor their orders with accuracy. Reliable Payment Processes: Dependable payment processing, minimizing payment-related issues. Resilience During Peak Demand: Minimal disruptions, even during high-demand periods, ensuring a smooth shopping experience. Reduced Order Delays: A diminished likelihood of order delays and other operational challenges, improving customer satisfaction.

The Conclusion

In summary, the synergy between SSENSE and KIBO represents more than a mere technical upgrade, it encapsulates SSENSE’s unwavering commitment to reshaping the e-commerce landscape. For businesses striving to maintain a competitive edge in the world of e-commerce, embracing such integrations stands as the cornerstone    of    delivering unparalleled customer value and securing   enduring   success. By investing in the right   Order   Management System (OMS), you can realize   tangible differences in your operations. The question beckons: Are you prepared to   embrace the future of e-commerce?

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