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Client’s Major Challenge

OSIM, a leading manufacturer, faced challenges with their existing e-commerce platform. They lacked real-time integration between their e-commerce platform and their existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. This resulted in order cancellations due to inaccurate inventory data and a disjointed customer experience. Additionally, managing separate websites for each country created logistical complexities.


Solutions we offered

iResponsive Solutions partnered with OSIM to develop a dynamic e-commerce platform built on Magento 2. Our team seamlessly integrated the new platform with OSIM’s existing ERP system, ensuring real-time inventory visibility and order fulfillment accuracy. Furthermore, we consolidated OSIM’s multiple country websites into a single, user-friendly platform, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Results that speak for us

  • 47% Increase in Sales: Within the first 6 months of launching the new e-commerce platform, OSIM experienced a significant 47% growth in sales. This can be attributed to the improved customer experience, accurate inventory data, and ease of use of the new platform.
  • Streamlined Operations: The seamless integration between the e-commerce platform and ERP system eliminated order fulfilment errors and improved operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The consolidation of country websites created a unified shopping experience for customers regardless of location. Additionally, the integration with the loyalty program ensured the smooth management of customer points.


Increase in sales


Average Order Value


Increase in online orders

Success that speaks for us

What did the client say?

“Before partnering with iResponsive Solutions, our e-commerce platform lacked real-time integration with our ERP system, leading to order cancellations and frustration for our customers. Additionally, managing separate websites for each country was a logistical nightmare. iResponsive’s team developed a dynamic Magento 2 website seamlessly integrated with our existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP. This not only streamlined operations but also allowed us to combine all our country websites into one user-friendly platform. The results have been phenomenal! We saw a remarkable 47% increase in sales within just the first 6 months. We’re incredibly grateful to iResponsive Solutions for their expertise and dedication; they’ve helped us achieve significant growth and a much more seamless customer experience.”


By implementing a modern e-commerce platform integrated with their existing ERP system, iResponsive Solutions empowered OSIM to overcome their challenges and achieve significant growth. The new platform streamlined operations, enhanced the customer experience, and ultimately fueled a 47% sales increase in just the first six months. This case study demonstrates iResponsive Solutions’ expertise in crafting strategic e-commerce solutions that deliver tangible results for businesses.

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